A Case Of The Maybe!s

Maybe! it will stop raining.

Maybe! we’ll see the sun again.

Maybe! we should just get rid of time changes. The pain of spring time change is far greater than the glory of fall time change.

Maybe! I shouldn’t have done leg day 3 days in a row.

Maybe! I will get swoll.

Maybe! the Kitchener Rangers will score a goal this week (they didn’t on the weekend)

Maybe! Tuesday will be different…



We love the juxtaposition of saying to someone else, with full confidence…”maybe!”. It’s the acknowledgment that, in the moment you don’t have all the answers, but the confidence that given some time, we will come up with a great solution. We are a collaborative company by nature. We ask a lot of questions because it takes time to learn the strengths and opportunities of your business and your industry.

The word maybe invites dialogue and the sharing of ideas. In that process you need to be open and you need to listen to others to get the most out of the creative process.

Maybe you need someone to collaborate with?

Definitely, Maybe!


Maybe Sara had something to do with this. Maybe not.