Maybe it’s all in the name?

Maybe; it’s all in the name!


So why call a marketing company maybe! ?

It came from really understanding who our clients are and what challenges they face. It comes from knowing that they ask a lot of questions, face a lot of uncertainty and are careful how they spend their marketing dollars. From the time they started their businesses, they had to stretch every dollar, and in the earliest days meant piecemealing their efforts. Unfortunately, the result of this is marketing and branding that lacks clarity, consistency and constancy. For many small businesses this approach goes on for too long and it eventually starts to hurt the business.

“Maybe we need to look more professional”
“Maybe our ads should match our website”
“Maybe just having a website isn’t good enough”
“Maybe traffic is the wrong way to measure my website’s performance”

From a brand development perspective, it checked off all the boxes. We wanted to make sure we get across that we aren’t just a graphic design studio, or marketing consultants or website development company. We are all three, and there aren’t many marketing companies out there that deliver all three disciplines and focus on small business. Maybe! Allows us to have our messages stand out. The design doesn’t carry the messages, it enhances it. And those messages online, whether it be our website or through social media, can be engaging and interactive and maybe (no pun intended) even thought provoking.

maybe! Is memorable. It’s bold. It’s fun.

If we can’t check off all those boxes on our own marketing, what chance do we have convincing you we can do that for your small business.

“maybe we can build a company without hiring a sales person”
“maybe we can use our SEO and digital advertising expertise to work for ourselves”
“maybe all these marketing companies’ websites all look the same”
“maybe if you’re supposed to be creative, you can find a way to actually be different”

Definitely, Maybe!


Maybe Paul wrote this. Maybe not.
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